Adopting An Intersectional Approach

Imaginary objects have as much impact on life through the collective imagination as actual objects.

Empowerment Tools
Papers, pens, colors
Empowerment groups and workshops

“Colonization’ is rooted in indigenous peoples’ experiences of oppression—specifically, the seizure of native resources, as well as the embedding of Western ideology into society.”

—Jessica Cole

It is important for designers to recognize power privileges in tech in continuing to reinforce Western ideologies into global perspectives and settings. It is essential to dissect how colonized educational systems have disabled us to have a sustainable impact on marginalized communities.

Empowerment Workshops

Utilizing empowerment frameworks and workshops to create

Further Reading

Ladies Get Loud


Article on the gender dynamics at Dropbox design team (and what Kate Apostolou did to challenge it)

Designing Accessible
Experiences at Scale

Adobe Blog

Andi Galpern says accessibility is no longer an afterthought. It’s a requirement and should be considered from the very start of your design process.

Decolonizing Design


Look at how design values and history is taught through a canon; that accepted pantheon of work by predominantly white male designers that sets the basis for what is deemed “good” or “bad.”

Queer Design Education

Ramon Tejada

Are we just perpetuating the same system we criticize when marching by continuing to manifest, glorify, sanctify, and or canonize this design narrative?

Decolonizing Design Education


How do we implement “Respectful Design” to design pedagogy? Interview with Dian Holton and Sadie Red.

Diversity Focus Groups

Felicity Menzies

Felicity Menzies talks about running an effective diversity and inclusive focus group by asking the right questions.

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