Aesthetics of Unreality

Imaginary objects have as much impact on life through the collective imagination as actual objects.

Unreal Objects
Magazines, scissors, glue, paper
Challenging the assumptions behind the aesthetic and functional choices we make in design

“If politics has become a struggle for people’s imagination this is, in the first place, due to the fact that such a struggle takes place within human beings and not just among them...”

— Bottici and Benoit

Science Fiction has always been an inspiration for design. However, they have been the primary source in terms of everything we started creating for the 21st century including OS and AI. When we start to rely on what has already been thought of, we are unable to expand on ideas that don’t exist. In order to design a better future, we have to let go of our assumptions and current precedents on what our reality looks like and design for the unreal world. In this way the unreal becomes political in the sense that it can challenge the limits people place on their own imaginations when it comes to thinking and questioning about what is possible.

Unreal Objects

Using the GANBreeder platfrom to re/design/imagine/create every day objects of our world. Ganbreeder is an open source experiment in using breeding and sharing as methods of exploring high complexity spaces.

Further Reading

Design for the Unreal World

Dunne and Raby

Encouraging designers to be unrealistic to challenge unsatisfactory situations.


Joel Simon

Uses AI to merge images together to support imagination and surrealism.

The Role of Science Fiction in Design

Yazin Akkawi

Many of the technological achievements in the last few decades were actually ideas prophetically described in science fiction literature long before they became a reality.

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