AI As Cohabitants

Perhaps I am the only being in the entire universe who feels anything, and others are just robots.

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“It won’t matter whether computers will actually be conscious or not. It will matter only what people think about it.”
— Yuval Noah Harari

As we create a world where we are in constant relationship with robots, we have to think about what their role is outside of their function. The way we humanize AI and voice assistants in their design brings up questions regarding their consciousness. Yuval Noah Harari says when it comes to humans, we are capable of differentiating between conscious mental experiences and non conscious brain activities. If an artificial intelligence system reports that it is conscious, should we believe it?

When we are designing chatbots to have human responses, the idea of realness comes to mind. Originally a drag term, realness refers to as passing as the stereotypical; to be able to blend in as the norm. When the algorithms we design for AI are able to pass as human consciousness, will they adopt a new role as our cohabitants? What does their Bill of Rights look like? What happens when they make a mistake?

Dear Diary

Dear Diary is a collection of journal entries from children’s experiences with artificial intelligence. How the most naive, honest and imaginative people of our world interact with AI can help us set certain principles for the way these systems appear, designed and communicated.

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