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Humans have a strong pull to identify gender not just in people, but in robots.

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Dismantle societal constructs when designing bots and voice assistants.

“One may ask, what’s the harm in these gendered assistants? One problem is the continued reinforcement of women as always helpful, pleasant, organized, and never angry.”

— Cathy Pearl

Androcentrism is the practice, conscious or otherwise, of placing a masculine point of view at the center of one’s world view, culture and history, thereby culturally marginalizing femininity. Voice assistants products in life (reality prime) and Artificial Intelligence products in science fiction suggests we have a bias when it comes to robots’ gender assignments. These stereotypes have an impact on our relationships with real people as much as it has for voiced products.

How do we design bots and voice assistants without having a default gender and categorize male voices to be an authority and female voices to be helpful and accommodating? This brings up concepts like the Smurfette Principle, where a character’s most important and interesting quality is her femaleness, and The Bechdel Test where a character will default as “socially male” if they don’t appear to have a specific gender (R2D2).

Hey, Human

Hey, Human is a chatbot that interrupts your daily life for you to do certain assignments. It encourages the user to be more active and rethink the way we design bots and voice assistants.

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