Human Downgrading

You have to consider the safety of personal data at all stages of developing a business, mobile app or digital service.

“Humane: A New Agenda for Tech” by Centre for Humane Technology
Drastically reducing harmful externalities, actively supporting our individual and collective well-being.

“We are a complicated mix of paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions, and god-like technology.”
— Edward O. Wilson

Design for well being is a major part of human centred design. However, big tech has been criticized for creating products without making conscious decisions that downgrades humans. Why are we depending on online services that are funded by third parties who wish to manipulate us? Why do these services depend on behaviour modification for profit?

We can find answers and solutions to these questions by using cognitive psychology and critical design as a tool to maximize the idea of time well spent and reduce screen time. Implications of our interaction with screens can already be seen through our evolved emotions regarding envy, FOMO and boredom. Could technological advances in AI and robotics lead to the emergence of new emotions that were not only previously unquantified, unnamed, and unidentified, but also un-felt?

Humane Technology

Centre for Humane Technology, co-founded by Tristan Harris, aims to understand our most vulnerable human instincts so we can design compassionately to protect them from abuse. He sites that the way forward is to envision a world where Humane Technology is the default for all technology products and services.

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